Guatemala Missions Trip

August 19-26, 2023

Join along this summer as we return to the beautiful people and country of Guatemala. We'll reconnect with our previous partner missionaries Caleb & Alyssa Mooney and trip coordinator Erica Beiler to spend 7 life changing days sharing the love of Christ with others. This trip is open to anyone 13 years of age or older with multiple ways to plug in and support the team! Scroll below for all the details.

Let's change some lives together!

Our Ministry Partners

Over the last decade, Juvenet, under the leadership of Caleb and Alyssa Mooney, have had the privilege of hosting hundreds of people on life-changing missions outreaches. Diverse teams have come from all over North America to serve alongside our national Juvenet teams in a joint effort to share the salvation message of Jesus throughout their country. Months of prayer and careful planning are invested in customizing every detail of each individual mission trip to assure that we are providing the best possible missions experience. Teams are involved in a wide spectrum of outreaches during their missions week…free medical clinics, local church outreaches, and events, food distributions, VBS, evangelistic school outreaches, wheelchair distributions, church construction, special outings with severely handicapped orphans, youth camps, and building homes for widows and orphans. Thousands have experienced and come to know the love of Jesus through the compassion and work of these mission teams.

From the Mooneys:

Remember our family’s motto…pray hard, work hard, play hard…well after a week of praying and working hard, we believe there is some well-deserved fun to be had. Our teams enjoy their day off with a variety of adventures…zip-lining through the jungle, boat rides, swimming in hot springs, shopping in village markets, and eating local delicacies. The memories created and relationships built during each missions week are those that are cherished for a lifetime.


Erica Beiler is the Missions Coordinator for Hill City Missions. Erica has been traveling the world since she was 14 and was a missionary to Spain. Her heart's passion is to see people experience God on the mission field and to counsel missionaries both on and off the field. Erica is married, has two beautiful children, and currently resides in Dallas, Texas

your place on the team

There are 4 main opportunities where anyone can join the missions team, and we hope you are as excited to join as we are. Trip Leaders, Trip Participants, and Trip Sponsors will receive a private fundraising link to share online with others, with monthly deadline goals from March-July.

Trip Leader - $1850

As a Trip Leader, you'll work alongside Erica in the months leading up to the event to provide monthly missions training sessions to the team, help administer prayer and financial support efforts, and get to know our ministry partners Caleb & Alyssa in a more closer role as you help coordinate for the NLCC team. This role is best suited for a person with a passion for missions and a heart for seeing the details come together. All fundraising deadlines will be monitored by the trip leader to help members make their goals. Must be +18 years or older and able to travel on the trip. Up to 2 leader positions are available and will be reviewed against your spiritual gifts assessments if multiple applicants apply for a selection.

Trip Participant - $1850

Travel with the team and participate in a variety of ministry opportunities and fun activities. Leading up to the trip you'll receive monthly training and prayer topics to begin getting ready for your time in Guatemala. Use your special gifts and talents during times of outreach across many generations and environments. Open to ages 13 and above. Participants between the ages of 13-16 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. 

Trip Sponsor - $1000

Trip Sponsors carry the special honor of directly support the outreach expenses for the trip. If you are unable to travel to Guatemala, but still want to directly participate, then a Trip Sponsor role is exactly for you. Your contributions will be used to purchase outreach supplies for food distributions, housing improvements, school functions and other coordination efforts. As trip Sponsor you'll know the missions team was a success because of your participation

Trip Supporter - No Cost

A Trip Supporter will join the team by helping with prayer support, fundraising efforts, transportation needs and any other way you can bless our team members. Your help will make Guatemala '23 a success!


Sign ups to participate are open below and must be completed by January 31st. This will establish your fundraising links and start the information gathering process for travel and activity planning. 

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